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The Language We Dare Not Speak

Google Motion

Google Motion, A New Way To Communicate.

Physical gestures to control your email.   Now available FREE – from Google – “MOTION” is safe, healthy, and fun!

NOTE: webcam only needed for the advanced features.  CLICK HERE to watch the video.

Verizon Google Droid Site

This is a really fun website which demonstrates the Droid phones.

Navigate using your mouse, to hover over the items on the screen.

To see this work of art, click here.


Imagine – 1 hour with no electricity.

TONIGHT AT 8:30 PM – no matter where you are. TURN OUT THE LIGHTS. How much stuff can you UNPLUG? What will you do during that hour?

I’m getting excited.  Instead of “starting at 8:30 pm”, I’m going start EARLIER and focus on “ending at 9:30 pm”.  I’m going all out.  I’ll look around the house, and see what else I can turn off.  I’ll unplug my microwave oven, surge protectors, DVD & cable, etc.  What else can we shut down, turn off, or unplug?

Droid X, Camera & “Goggles”

This video showcases the Droid’s 8 megapixel camera, as well as Google “Goggles”.  

Droid X, 1st Impressions

Produced by Newberry Media, this video is intended for people who are interested in the Droid X.

“Quick Settings”

FREE APP (on the Android Market) which extends the life of your battery!

Quick Settings” gives you immediate access to all those power-wasting background functions which unnecessarily drain your precious battery life.

Quick Settings is just one of many apps & widgets that allow you to conserve battery supply.  Look around & you might find a different app that works better for you.

I like “Quick Settings” because it works extremely well, it’s fully customizable, and best of all – IT’S FREE!!!

Another good resource that allows similar quick access to battery hogs is the pre-loaded Android OS Widget – the “Power Control” widget.

Both these resources are extremely effective in prolonging the life of your battery charge.  I like having both on my “Systems” page.  Each has unique strengths, so running them both in tandem affords me extra options.

Droid Strategies

Using the Droid X, I’ve quickly learned to “not put all my eggs in one basket”.  More on point; don’t put my favorite app into only ONE location.  I should have my favorites in several different locations, so I can get to them faster, and under different contexts.

For example, my Text Messaging is a primary function and therefore should go on the Home Screen.  But of of course – it’s also appropriate in my “Communications” window.  My LED-powered “Tesla Light” (which acts as a flashlight) is in my “Tools” window, but because I use it outdoors, I also put it in my “Out Hiking” window.  Because I know it’s the type of thing I might want “RIGHT NOW”, I also have the “Tesla Light” on my [MAIN] “Home Screen”.

App Judgement

“REVISION 3 Internet Television” is a sort of updated version of “Tech-TV”.  It is extremely informative, and entertaining.

Smartphone owners might be interested in R3’s gadget review show called “APP JUDGEMENT“, in which they review apps for iPhone and Droid.  If you’re at all interested in consumer technology, Revision 3 is definitely worth a look!